It All Ends With ‘The Hangover Part III’ Trailer

The Hangover Part III movie trailer

It’s pretty much a given that Part II wasn’t as good as we all hoped. That’s not to say it was a total disappointment, but the carbon copy formula really bothered a lot of people. If you couldn’t tell that Alan (Zach’s character) SPOILER ALERT drugged them all (via marshmallow? come on) then you have […]

Porn Parody Titles of 2009’s Top Grossing Films

this ain't avatar porn movie

Since its inception, the adult movie industry has lead the way in clever twists on popular Hollywood blockbusters, indie sensations, and boob tube titles. Unfamiliar with the hilarity of skin flick naming conventions? Take a stroll through these sites and see for yourself the powers of porno parody: The Greatest Porn Parodies Ever via Pull […]

The Hangover Will Be The Funniest Movie of 2009 [TRAILER]

That’s right. Hands down. G’s up. I don’t care if ALL of the movie’s funniest moments are in this trailer, this trailer ALONE qualifies as the best bachelor party in Vegas comedy of the year. It should get your glue factories tingling worse than a dose of pepper spray to your u-hole. BRAINFREEZE!