World War 3 Begins With The ‘Phantom’ Menace

I’m pathetic. I graduated from Hopkins with a bachelor’s degree in ‘Film and Media Studies’ and so now any time someone asks me if I’ve seen a movie and I say ‘no’ I catch a ton of sh*t for it. ‘Oh, I thought you’re supposed to be a movie buff! Hey, movie guy, how come […]

Is ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ Jim Carrey’s Comedy Comeback?

jim carrey

I know, it sounds like a ridiculous question, but wasn’t his last really funny movie 2003’s ‘Bruce Almighty’? Yes, there was ‘Yes Man’ and ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’, but both of those performances felt oddly restrained – not in the way that he acted but in the characters he played. With the exceptions of […]

SPOILER ALERT! ‘John Dies at the End’ Red Band Trailer

The story feels like a derivative or descendant of the Evil Dead genre – like Shaun of the Dead but way way scarier and stranger and, if this trailer is any indication, funnier.

Will Smith Shows Us What Happens ‘After Earth’

after earth movie

Here’s a trailer for Will Smith’s answer to “Oblivion” in which his son Jaden has to man up to save his father’s life.

Tom Cruises Into ‘Oblivion’ [TRAILER]

Here’s the first trailer for Tom Cruise’s new post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, ‘Oblivion’. It looks pretty cool – like ‘Vanilla Sky’ meets ‘Bourne Identity’ meets ‘I Am Legend’?