‘God Bless America’ Has My Blessing [TRAILER]

Having seen Shakes the Clown, this has Bobcat written all over it. I want to say, “This is my kind of movie” but then everybody will get all quiet and assume I’m a homicidal maniac who’s gonna pop his top one day. So for now I’ll just say, “I’m adding this to my Netflix for […]

Will Ferrell DOES Speak Spanish in ‘Casa de mi Padre’ [TRAILER]

I know what I’m about to say doesn’t mean a whole lot, but Will Ferrell exclusively speaking Spanish the entire film is bold and impressive. Also, Nick Offerman and Discount Double Check Dude should be in more movies. funnyordie: Casa de mi Padre: Official Trailer Es aqui! Behold the full-length Casa de mi Padre trailer starring […]

She’s Out of My League Red Band Trailer [VIDEO]

Red means it’s good, people. This movie makes frequent use of the widely debated hotness rating system. I’ve been known to be far too generous with my ratings. Most critics believe my ratings are almost always 2 points higher than the average. Catholic high school and an almost-Ivy will do that to a man. Anyway, […]

“Bitch Slap” is T&A TNT!!! [TRAILER]

I’d heard about “Bitch Slap” back when “we” (Playboy) published America Olivo’s pictorial in the June 2009 issue. Then, I didn’t hear a peep. Then, this trailer comes to me via FilmDrunk via YouTube and I have to ask, Is this a clever mash-up of popular homage genres; an homage to past campy action B-flicks? […]

Morgan Spurlock Presents: Last Cup (Beer Pong Movie)

It’s about goddam time. I had to sit through King of Kong, Murderball, Super Size Me, Battlefield Earth and other documentaries about overcoming the odds to get to this. Okay, so it’s not a spoof, but I really hate when they take quasi-classic comedies and slap on a few more-than-sh*tty sequels that go direct to DVD […]