Trevor Noah’s Tweets Make Me Ask ‘What if Jon Stewart Had Twitter In His ’20s?’

trevor noah daily show host

Trevor Noah’s “offensive” tweets from 2011-2012 pale in comparison to Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast and the Ari Shaffir rant about Damienne Merlina.

New Animated Series “Twaggies” Exclusively on Dailymotion

twaggies logo

Here’s the pilot episode of a brand new series featuring animated Twaggies, which are cartoons made from funny or interesting tweets.

This Shockey-Toomer Twitter Fight Reduces Me To Being a Child of Divorce

It all started with New York Daily News reporter Gary Myers lobbing a rumor about Jeremy Shockey wanting to play for the Giants again into the Twittersphere. It ends with me feeling like a 10-year-old kid who just saw his divorced parents fight over an alleged affair some 4 years ago. Toomer comes out guns […]

AARP Misses Notorious BIG

78% of all his album sales were from seniors. Don’t let the dentures fool you… OR… Rich-ass pro athletes that retire at 35. cheatsheet: Pour one out.