Will Ferrell’s Eurovision Song Contest, The Hunt, Mets Draft Recap, 5 Under-The-Radar Giants Players | Giant Mess S1 Ep36

On this episode of “Giant Mess”, giant mess Neal Lynch talks about Eurovision Song Contest, Mets Draft, and under-the-radar Giants players, Father’s Day, and the safari at Six Flags.

Will Ferrell Flashes His Rack For Rolling Stone

Nice rack, Big Cat. rollingstone: Erik Hedegaard takes the reader deep inside the beautifully empty mind of Will Ferrell, one of America’s best-loved and angst-free comedy superstars, in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. “Meeting fans, I’ll be like, ‘Oh, hey, how are you?’ And, literally, they’re like, ‘What are you going to do? Do […]

Will Ferrell DOES Speak Spanish in ‘Casa de mi Padre’ [TRAILER]

I know what I’m about to say doesn’t mean a whole lot, but Will Ferrell exclusively speaking Spanish the entire film is bold and impressive. Also, Nick Offerman and Discount Double Check Dude should be in more movies. funnyordie: Casa de mi Padre: Official Trailer Es aqui! Behold the full-length Casa de mi Padre trailer starring […]

Will Ferrell Appears in Old Milwaukee Commercials For Free [VIDEO]

I will also provide my comedic services free of charge for a series of beer commercials… as long as I get to keep the beer featured. ratsoff: Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Spots Will Ferrell approached the Pabst Brewing Co. this past September with a proposition: he’d do a series of commercials for their Old Milwaukee beer […]