If Barstool Sports Were The WWE

barstool sports wwe pro wrestling

What if Barstool Sports personalities were pro wrestlers, managers, and/or announcers?


What Do You Think Of These Deranged WWE Storylines?

WWE Randy Orton Bray Wyatt

As part of my application to be a WWE Creative Writer, I submitted a writing sample that consisted of WWE storylines for RAW and SmackDown that led up to WrestleMania 33. Here are those WWE storylines.

VIDEO: Ric Flair’s Most Hilarious Moments To Make You Woo

ric flair woo video

I wrote the script for this UPROXX compilation video featuring the Nature Boy Ric Flair stylin’ and profilin’.

Vince McMahon Once Sharted His Pants Before a Segment on WWE Raw

Originally posted on The Big Lead:
Jim Ross recently did an interview on Opie and Anthony and offered up a couple good stories involving the weak stomach of poor Jerry Briscoe, a former wrestler and employee of the WWE. The first tale involves Vince McMahon farting in the face of Brisco shortly before he was…