Creepy Winter Pick Up Lines Will Warm Your Soul [MEME]

I’m sure he’s a good guy. This is probably what I look like at 2am at the bar. JUST MAKE OUT WITH ME ALREADY! collegehumor: Horrible Winter Pick Up Lines [click for more gems] (Source:

Google Search Suggestions Get Weirder By The Day

I wasn’t searching for ANY of those suggestions, Google. But… now I am. Dammit.

Jesse The Body Flips Out, Rachel Bilson’s Deleted Sex Scene [VIDEOS]

First, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, former governor of the great state of Minnesota (said with a Scottish accent) and current host of “Conspiracy Theory” on TruTV, comes this close to murder-punching Jimmy Norton on the Opie & Anthony Show over what ultimately boils down to common courtesy. Somewhere on an ever-expanding ranch in Texas, Ross […]

The (Lady) Killer Inside Of Me Loves Jessica Alba [TRAILER]

jessica alba killer inside me

This extended promo for the new film by Michael Winterbottom, “The Killer Inside Me” comes from Bloody Disgusting via FilmDrunk (my favorite movie site of all-time… OF ALL-TIME!) The film’s based on a novel by Jim Thompson and stars The Better Affleck, Jessica Albacore Tuna and everyone’s favorite New York Yankee Kate Hudson. AFLAC! plays […]