Take a Ride With This Car Chase Supercut [VIDEO]

Zach Prewitt Drive supercut

Zach Prewitt has just released his second exclusive supercut to Dailymotion – this time titled, “DRIVE”. It features a compilation of POV shots culled from numerous car chase scenes, taken from either behind, inside, or in front of the vehicle.

This ‘Back to the Camera’ Supercut Lets You Enjoy ‘The View’

Back To The Camera Supercut by Zach Prewitt

Supercut extraordinaire Zach Prewitt has done did it again. This is his latest masterpiece, “The View”, which is a compilation of camera shots from behind the character looking out to, well, a spectacular view. What makes this even more special for me and Dailymotion is that I was the one who recruited Zach (no biggie) […]