Silicon Valley’s TJ Miller Once Had People Turn Down Free Beer

One of my favorite comedians of this generation, TJ Miller, plays Erlich on HBO’s Silicon Valley, which is a really funny show for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. My appreciation for TJ dates back to 2008’s “Cloverfield” when he played the wise-cracking (horrible adjective, I apologize, 1940 called…) camera guy who rarely appeared on-screen (possibly never did?).

I went so far as to write a “Brofile” (yeah, sure, there’s a bucket right over there) of him for that site of which we no longer speak. I think his 2012 Comedy Central show, Mash Up, was awesome and deserved to experience an SNL / Simpsons-esque run. The AV Club gave it good reviews, for Gandhi’s sake.

Quick side note: What’s with Comedy Central putting some of its best programming at 12:30am? While Mash Up most likely died in that time slot, another show in that slot – Ari Shaffir’s “This Is Not Happening” – continues to kill it. I have to think it’s not because of live views and has to be due to on-demand viewing. That’s the only way I watch it. TINH also started off getting a decent push online first. I don’t know that Mash Up built that audience online to transition to TV.

Anyway, I’m following up yesterday’s post about Jon Hamm’s first job as a dishwasher with this post about TJ Miller’s first job as a promo guy for Old Style beer in Chicago. It’s comforting to know that some of the most talented people in ze biz de show had humble beginnings. Even more comforting is the fact that people actually turned down free beer from TJ Miller. That absolutely fellates my brain matter. First of all, free beer. Bin Laden, Jong Un, and Hussein could be handing out free beer and I’d consider it for a hot sec. Second of all, TJ Miller. Sure, no one knew who he was or who he’d become, but how unfunny can one person be that they turn you off from free beer? I’m pretty sure I am. CHECK OUT MY UPCOMING STAND-UP DATES BELOW!

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