Watch My Latest Set at Stand Up NY: McWhopper, Fugeesus, Dr. Lacrosse

Lauryn Hill Fugees

So, my first stand-up comedy production – The Chillarious Hump Day Show – was considered a success. The bartenders at Eastville didn’t believe me when I gave them the head count and actually went back into the room to count heads only to come to the same number I had. They gave me a virtual pat on the back and invited me back to produce another show on Wednesday, August 5th at 9pm. Hosting is tough, but after a while I got in the groove. I have video, but my guess is it’ll end up in a #ThrowbackThursday post / in memoriam tribute / “look how sh*tty Neal’s comedy was / how young Neal was” Before They Were Famous Entertainment Tonight package.

So, after not being able to bring enough people to get on stage at Stand Up NY on Preakness Day in mid-May, I was granted another chance, this time on Wednesday, June 10th. I was told Chris DiStefano from Guy Code and the upcoming IFC show “Benders” would be there. And he wasn’t. Probably because of Benders. There WERE about 15-20 other comedians, though, and I got to go right at the very end when it sounded like they were dropping checks and snapping necks.

rob-riggle-double-pow-step brothers

The left side of the room was laughing at my jokes but they were also yelling at me half the time. The rest of the room was either sleeping with their eyes open or had just locked eyes with Medusa. Either way, I came away from this set thinking, you know what? i really don’t want to do this anymore. It’s a feeling I get every other set. Like, why do I spend all this time writing and rehearsing this material for 5 minutes of stage time that costs each of my friends at least $40-$50 and pays me $0. Gotta love a crowd that doesn’t know your act, yet can still yell out your punchlines before you can.

I have a handful of appearances coming up, but I wouldn’t expect much beyond that. To give you an idea of where my head’s at right now, I added “anti-depressants” to my girlfriend’s grocery list last night.

Here are my upcoming dates:

Wednesday, July 1st, 9pm at EastVilleJessica Kirson and Myq Kaplan are performing.

Email with…

Saturday, July 18th, 5pm at Stand Up NY

Wednesday, August 5th, 9pm at EastVille – email with…

Saturday, August 15th, 5pm at The Shannon Bar in Hoboken, NJ
$10 cash at the door

Watch my most recent sets below:


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