VIDEO: 9 Reasons The Pete Holmes Show Was McDonald’s

Pete Holmes celebrated his 37th birthday on March 30th, so I decided to write a script for an UPROXX video that outlined why you, we, us deserve another Pete Holmes Show. Truth be told, I didn’t watch every single episode when Pete’s first attempt at a late night TV show aired on TBS, but it’s rare that I watch any late night TV show live. There was a stretch where I’d end every night with a dose of Conan, but even that Peter’d out. Pun unfortunately intended.

Think about how you or most of your friends and family watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. It’s usually online – either directly on their respective YouTube channels or via a link shared by said friend or family member or a popular website embedding their videos to highlight an issue or absurd moment. The Pete Holmes Show had a ton of potential. The “Ex-Men” and “Street Fighter: Red Tape” skits were clever and chock-full of chuckles. After two seasons, the show was cancelled, presumably due to low ratings, but did Holmes even stand a chance?

TBS is a cable station, which automatically means lower ratings than broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, and Pete’s time slot was after midnight, going head-to-head with Fallon, Kimmel, and Comedy Central’s Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. Sure, the lead-in is Conan, which is TBS’ most popular show, but even Conan’s ratings are down versus his time on NBC.

The demand for Pete Holmes Show videos and clips is high, yet TBS pulled all of them down. Verified files can’t be found anywhere online. Instead, there are numerous (most likely) unauthorized copies of Holmes Show interviews and sketches, most often with subtitles and/or dubbed in other languages. If that’s not a wake-up call to TBS that Pete Holmes and his brand of humor have global appeal, I don’t what is. Maybe the video you see above that I helped to create?

Holmes even took to his YouTube channel to address the disappearance of his Holmes Show content, noting his confusion about the move and his intent to get it back up.

Not only would it be wise for the vids to go live again, especially for TBS, it could serve as a groundswell to get the show back on-air like a modern day version of the Family Guy’s resurrection, which used record-breaking DVD sales to breathe life back into the franchise.

I’m sure Pete took the cancellation to heart, but, as he mentioned in his vlog, he’ll be recording a new stand-up special in April and, last year, it was announced he’d be starring in a pilot for a new show called “Crashing” that would be written by Holmes and directed by Judd Apatow. In January, HBO confirmed it was picking up the show, but not premiere date has been set yet.

matt mccarthy pete holmes show

gif via TBS Pete Holmes Show

Holmes released his first album, “Impregnated With Wonder”, in November 2011 and it was named one of the best comedy albums of the year by The A.V. Club. In 2013, Pete released his second album, “Nice Try, The Devil”, which was also named as one of the year’s best comedy albums by the A.V. Club.


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