If the Mets are Getting 2017 Jason Vargas, 2018 Is Going To Be a Sensational Season

New York Mets pitcher Jason Vargas. Photo via KansasCity.com

New York Mets pitcher Jason Vargas. Photo via KansasCity.com

The New York Mets reportedly agreed to a two-year contract with former Royals pitcher Jason Vargas worth $16 million. Here’s why I’m cautiously optimistic about the lefty starter.

Well well well. About two weeks ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Mets fan who was excited about the 2018 offseason. The Winter Meetings got hit by a polar vortex and plummeted into a ‘cold’ market. Los Mets signed A-Gon and Bruuuuuce and Sweat-sock while re-signing Joseeee Jose Jose Jose, but it didn’t feel like those moves would be enough to push the team into postseason contention. Then along comes Frazier and now Vargas. And now… against ALL my better judgment… I’m tingly about Mets baseball in the Year of the Strawberry.

Neal, are you currently outside of your mind? Probs. Vargas is a career .500 pitcher with a career WHIP (dumb stat) of 1.3+. That puts him among the likes of Andy Benes and Ed Whitson. Whatever you say, sensai. Alls I know is at the age of 34 Vargas won 18 games with the Royals in 2017 and made the All-Star team. If you don’t think I’m taking that then we need to go on a retreat together and hash some things out around a bonfire with some whiskey and maybe some peyote. Maybe. Have ourselves a Vision Quest (misleading title for a wrestling movie).

Of course, the odd men out would be Zack Wheeler — who by the Grace of God (shout-out Brandon Nimmo) is somehow still on the roster — and Robert Gsellman‘s mane. You’re telling me you wouldn’t take Ol’ win-one-lose-one, 4 runs per outing Vargas over 3-4 innings of 5-6 runs from Wheeler or Gsellman? Interesting. Numbers aren’t your forté huh.

I am more than content with his 2018 projections:

  • 12 wins, 9 losses
  • 4.29 ERA
  • 151 IP (~6-7 innings per start)
  • 9.1 Hits per 9 innings
  • 1.4 Homes Runs per 9 innings
  • 3.1 Walks per 9
  • 7.2 Ks per 9

Of course, in typical Mets fashion, as soon as I’m all hot and bothered and lathered up for the 2018 season, they’ll suffer a HORRIFIC string of injuries and ruin my Spring / Summer. It’s okay thought because the pain reminds me that I’m still alive unlike Yankees fans.

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