Spirit Airlines is The Worst, Fantasy Football Sucks, and My Sister’s New House (OF HORRORS!?) | Giant Mess

In this clip from ‘Giant Mess’, Neal Lynch talks about…

Our trip down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to visit family.

How Spirit Airlines sucks.

My sister’s house is in the middle of nowhere and I kinda like that but I’m also frightened by it.

Natural Light’s Naturdays

Putting together my brother-in-law’s next level pellet grill

My bro-in-law’s new truck

Eating 2-inch thick steaks

My fantasy football draft

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Tommy Tough Guy trying to death stare my 70-year-old mother in a grocery store parking lot

The toll driving 12 hours takes on your body.

The Spirit Airlines flight back was cancelled, leading us on an epic road trip during which our baby daughter binged Tayo The Little Bus

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