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The Boys Season 1 Recap and Review

‘The Boys’ Season 1 Review: ‘Watchmen’ on Steroids

I finally binged the Amazon Prime original superhero series ‘The Boys’ and it flew past any and all expectations I had. Join me as I gush, won’t you? Hand up, I didn’t know The Boys was a comic book series. I’m not a comic book guy. When I saw the promos on TV, the title […]

Glow Season 3 Recap and Review Giant Mess

Glow Season 3 Review: What Happens in Vegas Won’t Stay There

In this week’s episode of ‘Giant Mess’, Giants-Mets fan Neal Lynch recaps and reviews Glow Season 3: Viva Las Vegas! Here’s what I touched on in the video: Bash Howard (Chris Lowell) and Rhonda Richardson / Britannica (Kate Nash) getting to know each other better (and for worse) in their green card marriage The Challenger […]

mets michael conforto shirtless walk off

The Mets Are The Hottest Team in Baseball and A Wild Card in the Playoff Race | Giant Mess

In this clip from ‘Giant Mess’, Mets fan Neal Lynch talks about the historic hot streak, the amazing come-from-behind wins, and more.

ny giants daniel jones eli manning

The Giants Have a QB Controversy After Daniel Jones Goes Perfect in Preseason Opener | Giant Mess

In this clip from ‘Giant Mess’, Giants fan Neal Lynch talks about the Giants’ preseason opener, the rise of Daniel Jones, and much more.

chernobyl vodka atomik

Atomik Vodka from Chernobyl Could Turn Disaster Into Prosperity

Researchers have created a radioactive-free vodka from resources in Chernobyl’s “exclusion zone” called “Atomik”.

shai werts cocaine bird poop

How Do You Mistake Bird Poop For Cocaine?

Georgia Southern QB Shai Werts had his drug possession charge dropped after it was discovered the cocaine on the hood of his car was actually bird poop. How does that mistake happen?

Joe Panik San Francisco Giants second baseman

Mets Enter Panik Mode

Joe Panik was designated for assignment by the San Francisco Giants and the Mets are considering signing him. Should they? Let’s break it down.

Giant Mess Giants Mets Neal Lynch Season 1 Episode 5

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Pete Alonso’s #LFGM, and Saquon Ranked 16th? | Giant Mess

On this week’s episode of “Giant Mess”, Giants-Mets fans Neal Lynch talks about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Pete Alonso’s new hashtag #LFGM, and Saquon only ranking 16 our of top 100.

Nicolas Cage Facts -- New York Post April 2014

Nicolas Cage’s NY Times Interview Had 10 All-Time Facts

I read the NY Times interview with Nicolas Cage and it had some interesting facts and stories about the legendary actor that are worth highlighting.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Peak Easter Egg Cinema

Trying to unpack the fully loaded fairy tale that is Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Giant Mess Giants Mets Season 1 Episode 4 Neal Lynch

The Curse of Odell Beckham, Bad Mets Trades, and Cold Pursuit Movie Review | Giant Mess

On this week’s episode of ‘Giant Mess’, Giants-Mets fan Neal Lynch talks about The Curse of Odell Beckham, the Marcus Stroman trade, and much more!

Golden Tate and The Curse of Odell Beckham Jr

Golden Tate’s Suspension for Fertility Drugs Proves The Curse of Odell Is Real

Golden Tate is appealing a four-game suspension for PEDs as The Curse of Odell Beckham, Jr. continues to tear apart the New York Giants WR corps. Thoughts ‘n’ Prayers? R.I.P.? Cuncel?

Marcus Stroman and Anna Benson

Marcus Stroman Trade Compared to 2004’s Benson-Zambrano-Kazmir Fiasco?

The New York Mets traded for Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman and some are saying it’s just as bad as 2004’s trades for Kris Benson and Victor Zambrano.

corey coleman voodoo doll

Giants Wide Receivers Dropping Like Flies, Possible OBJ Curse?

New York Giants wide receivers are dropping like flies and I firmly believe we have ourselves an OBJ Curse.

Giant Mess Giants Mess Season 1 Episode 3 Neal Lynch

OBJ’s GQ Interview, Rough ‘n’ Rowdy 9, and Death Threats | Giant Mess

On the third episode of ‘Giant Mess’, Giants-Mets fan Neal Lynch talks about Odell Beckham Jr.’s GQ feature, Matt Harvey getting DFA’d, and more

Weekend at Bernie's movie poster

My Eulogy for Weekend at Bernie’s: Summer’s #1 Dark Comedy of the ’80s

In July 1989, Weekend at Bernie’s hit theaters in the U.S. I’m taking a look back at what makes the dark comedy movie such an unexpected summer success.

Giant Mess Giants Mets Season 1 Episode 2 Neal Lynch

Aziz Ansari’s Comedy Special, This Week in Mets History, and Madden Ratings | Giant Mess

On this week’s episode of ‘Giant Mess’, Giants-Mets fan Neal Lynch talks about Aziz Ansari’s new comedy special, Madden ratings, and more!

Giant Mess Neal Lynch S1 Ep1

The Epic Tale of How The First Episode of ‘Giant Mess’ Was a Giant Mess

The epic journey of ‘Giant Mess’, from the birth of a half-baked concept to the repeated failures to launch to the freak accident before publishing.

Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things Season 3: Top ’80s Nods, Best Moments, and Season 4 Theories

After binging Stranger Things Season 3, here are all of the top nods to the ’80s along with best moments and Season 4 fan theories.

barstool sports wwe pro wrestling

If Barstool Sports Were The WWE

What if Barstool Sports personalities were pro wrestlers, managers, and/or announcers?

Jordan Peele's Us Movie Explained

‘Us’ Explained: Peeling Back Jordan Peele’s Layered Horror Movie Theories and Symbolism

I finally got to see the horror movie ‘Us’ and I’m blown away by its depth and symbolism. Here’s a full rundown of meanings and theories.