Strippers Invade Counter Strike Gaming Tournament

Sometimes you see an idea and it just makes sense or should I say cents, as in dollars and cents, as in money, you f’n hillbilly! Sorry, it’s Monday and like Garfield, I’m fat, lazy, and into freight shipping rival cats to obscure countries.

Anyway, the guys over at I Heart Chaos came across (ew) an article from about a gaming tournament for Counter Strike where strippers made an impromptu appearance and completely ruined several bonus levels while exponentially increasing boner levels. I am way too clever to be earning five figures.

Well, this got me thinking: If you open a strip club and want to broaden your demo a bit, why not set up gaming consoles for guys who might be too shy to hit up your club? You pay $20 to play as one of the lovely ladies puts you in vibration mode – game ends, your dance ends. Somebody gets Scores on the 2-way.

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