Grand Theft Auto 5 Fails Compilation

grand theft auto v fail compilation

World Wide Interweb produced this compilation of Grand Theft Auto 5 fails that make me want to quit life and buy a PS4.


This Video Game Mashup is ‘Nintendope’

This video game music mashup takes me back to a good place no matter how much “damage” playing Nintendo, etc did to me. If I live to see 80, it’ll be a miracle.

The Dark Knight Rises Will Also Be a Video Game

The movie can’t come quick enough (ew) and now there’s a video game. Maybe I should finally cave and get a PS3? That would guarantee the release of the PS4. gamefreaksnz: Rumour: The Dark Knight Rises game in the works Upcoming blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises may be getting a video game tie-in, according to […]

Madden ’13 Cover Options Suck If You’re a Browns or Raiders Fan

I was originally gonna rip the choices for the Oakland Raiders (Janikowski and Lechler) but then I saw the Browns’ options (Haden and Thomas). At this point, roll out the legends like Marcus Allen and Bernie Kosar. Vote here. (Source:

Barry Wazzy’s ‘Balls Are Impressive [7 PHOTOS]

Collect the whole set! justinrampage: Barry Wazzy is back with another collection of real life Pokeballs derived from his Photoshop skills. The Legend of Zelda, Marvel / DC Comics, Harry Potter and Final Fantasy get called upon in this new rockin’ set! Related Rampages: Real Pokeball Types (More) Real Pokeball Types 3 by Barry Wazzy