Scenes from a Divorce Story, plus my Rad Sad Dad Pad | Giant Mess S3 E1

Giant Mess podcast – Season 3 Episode 1 on Spotify

In this episode of Giant Mess, Neal Lynch talks about why he’s been MIA for the past 18 months — his divorce. Also, a recap of traveling with his 3-year-old daughter on trains, planes, and Ubers.

NOTE: Originally recorded on January 24, 2022.

ABOUT “GIANT MESS”: “Giant Mess” is a sloppy sports and entertainment talk show about the New York Giants, New York Mets, movies, TV, comedy and more, hosted by a giant mess, Neal Lynch.

ABOUT NEAL LYNCH: I’m an Irish-Italian-American who graduated from a Catholic high school (but isn’t Catholic), and a college known for producing doctors and lacrosse players, then became neither. Instead, I tell stories. I love ideas and I fantasize about being a private investigator.

Leave a voicemail at (862) 248-1986.

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