What Does ‘Our Ass is in the Jackpot Now’ Mean?

Audio of Terry Collins getting tossed after Noah Syndergaard threw behind Scumbag of the Century Chase Utley surfaced and one of the umpires said, “Our ass in the jackpot now”. What does it all mean, Basil? I’mma try to figure it out.

definition of jackpot

First, let’s start with the definition of jackpot. If we go strictly by the commonly held meaning, we can — without a doubt — assert that the umpires have been bribed. Baseball is the game. The large cash prize is the under-the-table gift from MLB front office. I can only assume MLB has continued to pay off the umpires in Mets games because the team’s been a blimp on fire for decades now. The fix is 1000% in.

Weird that one of the umps would out himself and his crew for taking bribes. Not sure if it’s brazen cockiness to boast about it to not one but two different members of the Mets organization or sheer stupidity but it’s obviously been weighing on this guy’s mind.

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I totally agree with him that EVERYONE on Earth knew about the situation. Dickhead of the Millennium Chase Utley flying karate kicked Ruben Tejada’s career out of existence in a 2015 Divisional Playoff game and Thor responded in kind the first chance he got in 2016.

As Neil Walker mentioned in the video, no warnings were given by any member of the umpiring crew before the game. So, kinda horseshit that even though ‘everyone’ knew the situation, Thor got tossed. Talk about taking The Unwritten Rules of Baseball to a whole new level. What, all our baseball brains are synced and calibrated to know that if Thor throws at Fuckface, Noah gets the boot?

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What a mouth on Terry Collins! It kind of makes my twig wiggle. I love how this video is the rallying cry to bring him back. Just an absolutely absurd notion. At this point, everyone must realize that the Mets aren’t bad (or good) because of the manager. It’s mostly luck.

Sure, the manager makes a move or two that might cost them a game or two but to put this horrendous decade of decline on the manager is bananas. Hey, I actually blamed the trainer for the Mets’ lack of success but even now I know that’s wrong.

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Plain and simple the Mets are cursed. My solution: Knock down Citi Field. Rebuild an exact to scale replica of Shea Stadium in SoHo / Tribeca – the healthiest neighborhood in NYC. If there are concerns about zoning permits or gentrification, there’s always Midtown, Murray Hill, Battery Park (!!!), and Hell’s Kitchen. New Yorkers pissed about invading their ‘hood? Let’s give the Garden State a shot. There’s Jersey City (#40 Healthiest Place to Live in America), Morris County (2018’s Healthiest Place in NJ), or Hunterdon County (2017’s Healthiest Place in NJ).

I don’t like the Jets but wasn’t there a plan to move them to where the Javits Center is? Or by Penn Station? Let’s just have the Mets set up shop there. Anywhere HAS to be better than Queens because whatever the team is drinking and eating there is causing their bodies to fall apart. It’s either that or we need to get every Met on the TB12 diet ASAP.

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