Giants-49ers Preview: San Fran’s Banged Up, G-Men Should Ground and Pound | Giant Mess

In this clip from “Giant Mess”, host Neal Lynch previews the New York Giants Week 3 game vs the 49ers including:

San Francisco 49ers Injuries…

Dee Ford (back)

Raheem Mostert RB (knee)

George Kittle TE (knee)

Nick Bosa DE (torn ACL)

Tevin Coleman RB (knee)

Jimmy Garoppolo QB (ankle)

Solomon Thomas DE (ACL)

Richard Sherman CB

San Francisco’s offense loves to run the ball and the Giants stink against the run. They also don’t turn over the ball, 4th in total turnovers lost, 1st in fumbles lost 49ers defense does not give up a lot of passing yards or passing touchdowns but do give up a lot of rushing yards.

Giants Defense – 4th in total yards allowed, 5th in INTs, least amount of rushing TDs allowed but getting gashed on the ground.

Giants Offense – 3rd in turnover percentage, 28th in scoring percentage, 31st in RZ% Dead last in points scored, dead last in rushing Only 12% of Daniel Jones’ throws have been bad, 77% are on target, 39.6 rating throwing to Damian Ratley, 27.5 rating when throwing to Evan Engram, 8% drop percentage 49ers are favored by 4!

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