What a Dick Move: “Wanksy” Spray Paints Penises Around Potholes, Potholes Get Filled

wanksy spray paint pothole

This video from Now This News reports on a graffiti artist known as “Wanksy” (a take on the popular British tagger Banksy) who spray paints penises around potholes and might just cause a road repair revolution.

Man Born Without Limbs Selling His Art To Buy Bionic Arms

szabolcs kollinger

This video from Barcroft TV profiles a limbless man named Szabolcs Kollinger who’s selling his art to buy bionic arms. We could probably help out, right?

Painting of Shirtless Eli Manning at the Beach Might Be the Greatest Work of Art Ever

This needs to be a shirt worn by Josh Freeman, so Eli can wear a shirt of Josh wearing the shirt. SHIRTCEPTION!

The Funniest Butterface Ever

Probably the funniest butterface I’ve ever seen. oatmeal: Microwaving butter.  From this comic. (Source: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/minor_differences5)

Lin-sanity + Nintendo = Lin-tendo

Add this to the cart. gamefreaksnz: Super Lintendo by S. Preston USD$10 for 24 hours only (Source: http://secure.riptapparel.com/aff/743CBA522A7A90012E187D159E051400/index.html)