ICYMI: Baseball Card Vandals Demand Your Attention

baseball card vandals t-rex exstinct

In case you’re just like me and somehow missed the thousand plus stories about Baseball Card Vandals, check out some of my favorite altered cards.

The Simpsons NHL Logo Mash-Ups

Where’s Ned Flanders as the NJ Devils logo?

Full House-Inspired Hockey Sweater is the Greatest Amateur Sports Jersey of All-Time

Cut. It. Out. Hockey continues to battle with Baseball for best jerseys.

Derek Dorsett “Snowed” a Little Kid Carrying a Montreal Canadiens Flag Ahead of Game 5

Good Guy Zuccarello to the rescue… a Rescue-rello? UPDATE: A fellow co-worker / boss and avid Rangers fan noted this is a trend in Montreal… What the FIFA Montreal?! Quit sendin’ kids to their snow-covered facey fate.