ICYMI: Baseball Card Vandals Demand Your Attention

baseball card vandals t-rex exstinct

In case you’re just like me and somehow missed the thousand plus stories about Baseball Card Vandals, check out some of my favorite altered cards.


The Simpsons NHL Logo Mash-Ups

Originally posted on UPROXX:
We’ve featured mash-up logos before, including work by ak47_studios, the artist who put Mario characters into NBA logos and cereal mascots into the NFL. The latest mash-up is Simpsons characters into NHL logos, and while this isn’t necessarily a thing you think you’d need or enjoy, the logos are incredible. Be…

Full House-Inspired Hockey Sweater is the Greatest Amateur Sports Jersey of All-Time

Originally posted on The Big Lead:
Shut. It. Down. Your amateur beer league team will never come close to matching the insane awesomeness that is this Full House-inspired hockey sweater for the Philadelphia-area men’s league hockey team, “The Rippers.” A player posted this picture on Reddit and you need to spend the rest of your…

Derek Dorsett “Snowed” a Little Kid Carrying a Montreal Canadiens Flag Ahead of Game 5

Originally posted on The Big Lead:
Derek Dorsett is someone to root for. Ahead of Game 5, with his team leading the series 3-1, Dorsett did one of those manly hockey things and tried to “snow” the Montreal Canadiens as they skated onto the ice. Instead, he covered a little kid carrying a Habs flag…