Bikini Crotch Charms Are Like Wallet Chains for Your Vagina

bodivas beachtail bikini crotch charm jewelry

A Japanese jewelry company called “BoDivas” is selling non-piercing bikini crotch charm jewelry called the beachtail.

The Ta-Ta Towel Says Ta Ta to Boob Sweat and Hi Ya to Bowling Jokes

ta-ta towel boob sweat

The Ta-Ta Towel is a new invention that eliminates boob sweat (and cleavage) while opening up a plethora of both good and bad possibilities.

I Absolutely LOATHE This Apple iPad Commercial [VIDEO]

These need to stop and they needed to stop 7 years ago. The twinkling of the piano, the multi-tasking, multi-ethnic super-parent who has it all, the pompous, pretentious narrator dramatically emphasizing every two f****** words.

Men in Black 3 Vehicle Rips Off South Park’s “It”

What better way to rejuvenate a franchise than by ripping off South Park? funnyordie: Men in Black 3 Fail The new vehicle in MIB3 looks very familiar. (Source: