Workaholics Video: 9 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Be Adam Demamp’s Co-Worker

The sixth season of Workaholics on Comedy Central is one of the best in the series, coming close to matching the raw humor of the first year. The show’s success is due in part to Adam Devine’s character Adam Demamp oscillating between pseudo-cool charm-hard and rage machine. So, I wrote the script for this UPROXX video “9 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Be Adam Demamp’s Co-Worker”, which compiles some of Devine’s best clips as Demamp on Workaholics.

Normally, the 5th season is when most television shows kind of peter out. Most casts take on other roles that take away their focus and interest in what brought them into the spotlight. Yet, while Adam’s making out with Sarah Hyland on Modern Family, complimenting the cack of “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” co-star Zac Efron, AND hosting the third season of “Adam Devine’s House Party” in Hawaii, Devine still brought the motherloving thunder for season 6. It’s amazing he’s stayed so humble…

This script was intense to write. I stayed up ’til 2am one night reviewing hundreds of Adam Devine videos, ranging from his stand-up comedy sets at The Laugh Factory to his interviews on Conan and more. The original premise was “10 Times Adam Devine was SO Divine” to celebrate said premiere of ‘House Party’ Season 3, but it eventually morphed into the masterpiece you masticate with your eyeballs above. The process included another late night of reviewing just about every single Workaholics video on Comedy Central’s YouTube channel. Did I ever, at any moment, get sick and tired of seeing or hearing Adam Devine as Adam Demamp? Nay-ay-ay-ay.

Though the subject of the video was Adam, I don’t want take anything away from Anders Holm and Blake Henderson, both of whom have picked up their game through 2016. Ders, in particular, has really explored the tongue-wiggling space to great effect.

Is it weird that I dream of the day I get to guest star on Workaholics? And that my appearance will come in a very special crossover episode with Broad City? And that my cameo will be reddited and giffed and tumblrd and memed to such an extent that I get cast in the eventual movie?

For years, I’ve been foreseeing myself in the crazy, creepy (but harmless) uncle / big brother role since I wasted away my youth at bars and was too hungover to concentrate my efforts on auditioning for Saturday Night Live or founding a sketch comedy group with the bestest of friends. Now, I just perform restrained / absurd stand-up comedy that makes early Steve Martin look like Larry the Cable Guy. I don’t even know what that means.

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