RSVP for My Set at Greenwich Village Comedy Club on Friday, February 6th

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I’ve been booked for the 8PM Show at Greenwich Village Comedy Club on February 6th. This is The Clayton Fletcher Show that I did on Friday, January 23rd. That was a pretty good lineup that featured Sue Costello, Gregory Joseph, Marc T. Engberg and a handful more. Sue’s a charmah and Marc’s impressions almost blew the got-dang roof off the place.

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That was a tough show for me. I had 4 back to back to back to back calls at the office and my girlfriend was engaged in Nuclear War with me via text. My mind was elsewhere. I remember a comedian – Rob Ferrari – telling us about his thoughts on American Sniper and Michael Moore and I was straight up orbiting the planet, bouncing off satellites and sh*t. Just zoned out of control.

fantastic mr fox rat mouse

I totally messed up the order of jokes, skipping forward to “It sucks getting old” when I actually needed to set up the airport joke with the moose on a mountain setup, hence repeating the Elton John punchline.

I also forgot to launch into the Spirit Airlines tirade that would’ve been a great closer. Instead, we get another dose of MJ, which Marc had already nailed with his impression. Jamona!

It was a great turnout and despite the flubs, the crowd was generous. Probably shouldn’t have skipped dinner either.

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A friend, his girlfriend, and I went down the street and filled our bellies with booze and our ears with talk about football. I left a couple very confusing voicemails for the gf. Overall, a weird P-Diddy-mind-f***ing-me kinda night.

Blizzard / Disappointment “Juno” forced me to cancel my appearance at EastVille Comedy Club. I hope they understand that I wasn’t in the mood to travel in near-Siberian conditions just for them to tell me that none of my guests showed up and have to trek back like a penguin who forgot his top hat. Hopefully, they forgive me and have me back another time.

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Just like last time, I’ll be performing alongside club regulars and headliners in front of club staff and management, so I may be selected for other “opportunities”. One way to make sure I get picked is to have a strong showing of people who “get me”. (That’s you)

Tickets are $20 if purchased online here.


$25 cash only at the door (space permitting).

If you have questions regarding tickets/reservations, call 929-251-3320 or email

I’m hoping to bring at least 9 people. Not 1 person who might count as 9 small people. Go Royals!


There’s a $20 cover and two-drink minimum.

The address is 99 MacDougal Street at Bleecker. Map is below…

The closest subway is the A/B/C/D/E/F at West 4th Street. I can’t wait until the /G/H/I/J/K/L is finished.


Wed, 1/21 at Gotham Comedy Club’s AXS.TV Contest

Fri, 1/23 at The Clayton Fletcher Show at Greenwich Village Comedy Club


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